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Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants

At a glance all accepting Van der Valk hotels on a map. Per hotel you will see the contact information when you click on the pin.

Please note: Only the ''Vrije waarde'' gift card is redeemable at all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants worldwide.
The other gift cards can only be reedemed at Valk Exclusive hotels.

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  • Hotel Akersloot / A9 Alkmaar


    Hotel Akersloot is located near Alkmaarder Lake, the forest and several seaside resorts. The hotel offers 210 luxurious rooms and suites, an indoor swimming pool, a gym and a modern restaurant.

    Reviewz8.94525 reviews
  • Hotel Almelo - Theaterhotel
  • Hotel Almere


    With 17 meeting rooms, luxurious guest rooms, relaxing wellness facilities and a modern restaurant, Hotel Almere is the ideal base in Flevoland for both business and leisure guests.

    Reviewz8.63499 reviews
  • Van der Valk Avifauna


    Hotel Avifauna is situated next to the bird park, which bears the same name, offering a special and unique location in the middle of the Green Heart of South Holland.

    Reviewz8.31741 reviews
  • Hotel Amersfoort A1
  • Hotel Antwerpen
  • Hotel Apeldoorn


    With 151 luxurious guest rooms, 14 multifunctional rooms and a modern restaurant, Hotel Apeldoorn is the ideal base for both business and leisure guests. Discover the city centre of Apeldoorn or enjoy the De Veluwe nature reserve.

    Reviewz9.01418 reviews
  • Hotel Apeldoorn - De Cantharel
  • Hotel ARA - Zwijndrecht
  • Hotel Luxembourg - Arlon
  • Hotel Arnhem
  • Hotel Het Arresthuis
  • Hotel Assen


    Hotel Assen is situated in beautiful Drenthe. The hotel has 189 luxurious rooms and suites, which are fully equipped with contemporary comforts. You can enjoy the modern restaurant, the beautiful wellness centre and the cosy hotel bar.

    Reviewz8.83390 reviews
  • Hotel Berlin Brandenburg
  • Hotel Beveren
  • Hotel Den Haag - Wassenaar
  • Hotel De Bilt - Utrecht
  • Hotel Rotterdam - Blijdorp


    Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp offers 189 rooms and suites and has its own shuttle service to and from Rotterdam Airport. A modern wellness centre and the well-known Blijdorp Zoo are just around the corner.

    Reviewz7.21761 reviews
  • Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal


    The Hotel Castle Bloemendal has 77 castle rooms and wellness suites where you can stay in complete luxury. In addition, the castle has several multifunctional rooms that are suitable for every kind of meeting.

    Reviewz8.91782 reviews
  • Hotel Breukelen
  • Hotel Brussels Airport
  • Hotel Charleroi Airport
  • Hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen
  • Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp


    Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp is centrally situated along the A12 motorway. The hotel has a cosy restaurant, 14 meeting rooms and 187 sumptuous guest rooms where you can stay in total luxury. You can relax in the wellness centre and the indoor swimming pool.

    Reviewz8.61811 reviews
  • Hotel Dennenhof
  • Hotel Deventer


    Hotel Deventer is situated along the A1 motorway and on the edge of a beautiful, wooded area and the historic city of Deventer. The hotel has 140 rooms, a modern restaurant and a luxurious wellness centre.

    Reviewz8.91370 reviews
  • Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht


    Hotel Dordrecht offers all the luxury facilities you would expect from a 4-star hotel. Relax in the wellness centre with a swimming pool or enjoy a delicious dinner in a modern restaurant.

    Reviewz8.02411 reviews
  • Hotel Drachten
  • Hotel Drongen - Gent
  • Hotel Duiven bij Arnhem A12


    Hotel Duiven near Arnhem A12 has a modern wellness centre, luxurious rooms and a modern restaurant. This is the perfect place to unwind completely. From the hotel, you can be in Arnhem within 20 minutes.

    Reviewz9.03714 reviews
  • Airporthotel Duesseldorf


    Airporthotel Düsseldorf is an ideal hotel for both business and leisure guests. The hotel is located near the airport and offers a shuttle service. Discover Düsseldorf from this modern hotel and relax in the luxurious spa.

    Reviewz9.11463 reviews
  • Hotel Eindhoven
  • Hotel Emmeloord


    Hotel Emmeloord is located close to Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Relax and enjoy your gourmet dinner in the restaurant in the evening. Then, drift off to sleep in one of the luxurious rooms.

    Reviewz8.42196 reviews
  • Hotel Emmen


    Are you staying at Hotel Emmen? Visit the dolmens. Prefer to relax? Take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy a tasty dinner in the restaurant.

    Reviewz7.54248 reviews
  • Hotel Enschede


    Hotel Enschede is in beautiful Overijssel. The hotel has 152 spacious rooms and suites. Be pleasantly surprised by the modern restaurant or unwind in the wellness centre, swimming pool or fitness area.

    Reviewz9.01927 reviews
  • Hotel Tilburg - Gilze
  • Hotel Gladbeck
  • Hotel Goes


    Hotel Goes is situated close to the beaches of Zeeland and in the charming shopping town of Goes. It is a luxury hotel with 131 spacious rooms and suites, 7 multifunctional rooms and a restaurant with a cosy brasserie.

    Reviewz7.72058 reviews
  • Hotel De Gouden Leeuw


    On the grounds of the Hotel De Gouden Leeuw, there is plenty to experience: Tante Tokkie consists of a restaurant with an ice cream parlour, organic farm and cheese dairy. Here, you will also find the luxurious Ivy Boutique Wellness and the Valk Fresh Market.

    Reviewz8.32610 reviews
  • Hotel Groningen-Hoogkerk
  • Hotel Haarlem


    Hotel Haarlem is a renovated city hotel situated on the edge of the historic city of Haarlem. The hotel has 20 meeting rooms, 315 luxurious rooms and suites and a modern restaurant and wellness centre.

    Reviewz9.34386 reviews
  • Alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg
  • Hotel Hardegarijp – Leeuwarden
  • Hotel Harderwijk op de Veluwe


    Hotel Harderwijk is situated in the Veluwe woods near the A28 motorway. With modern meeting rooms, luxurious hotel rooms and suites, it offers the ideal location for both families and business guests.

    Reviewz8.93268 reviews
  • Hotel Heerlen


    Hotel Heerlen is situated next to the TerWorm Estate. With its wellness centre, luxurious swimming pool, modern restaurant, several multifunctional rooms and beautiful surroundings, it is the ideal location for a relaxing stay.

    Reviewz8.83274 reviews
  • Hotel Hengelo


    Hotel Hengelo is situated in beautiful Twente. The hotel has 203 spacious rooms and suites, and luxurious wellness facilities. Discover the hospitality and enjoy all the beauty that the east of our country has to offer.

    Reviewz8.73436 reviews
  • Hotel Hildesheim-Hannover
  • Hotel Hoorn

    Hotel Hoorn


  • Van der Valk Hotel Breda
  • Hotel Houten - Utrecht


    Hotel Houten has 162 luxurious rooms and suites and a fitness centre. The restaurant is known for its delectable sushi dishes. Enjoy a full breakfast in the morning before exploring Utrecht.

    Reviewz8.81924 reviews
  • Hotel Leeuwarden


    Hotel Leeuwarden is centrally located in beautiful Friesland. Here, you will spend the night in modern rooms and suites or luxurious farmhouses. This is the perfect location for a comfortable holiday.

    Reviewz9.51405 reviews
  • Hotel Leiden


    Hotel Leiden has a beautiful terrace directly on the waterside. Stay in one of the 80 luxurious rooms or suites. The hotel also has 10 multifunctional rooms that are suitable for all types of meetings.

    Reviewz8.61274 reviews
  • Hotel Leusden - Amersfoort
  • Resort Linstow
  • Hotel Maastricht


    Hotel Maastricht is a hotel with 190 luxurious rooms and suites, a modern restaurant with a terrace and a renovated brasserie. Relax in the luxurious wellness centre with an indoor swimming pool and whirlpool.

    Reviewz9.14024 reviews
  • Hotel Melle-Osnabrück
  • Hotel Middelburg


    Hotel Middelburg is situated between the beaches of Zeeland. The hotel has 164 spacious rooms and suites, a luxurious wellness area with a swimming pool, saunas and a fitness centre.

    Reviewz8.82936 reviews
  • Hotel Moers
  • Hotel Molenhoek - Nijmegen
  • Congres Hotel Van der Valk Mons
  • Hotel Nazareth – Gent
  • Hotel Rotterdam - Nieuwerkerk


    Hotel Rotterdam-Nieuwerkerk is situated in green surroundings on the outskirts of Rotterdam. The hotel has a wellness centre, 12 multifunctional rooms and spacious guest rooms and suites.

    Reviewz8.61891 reviews
  • Hotel Nijmegen - Lent
  • Hotel Nivelles-Sud
  • Hotel Nuland

    Hotel Nuland


  • Hotel Brugge-Oostkamp
  • Hotel Oostzaan-Amsterdam


    Hotel Oostzaan-Amsterdam is located next to the A10 motorway and on the edge of bustling Amsterdam. The hotel has 13 conference rooms, 143 luxurious rooms and its own wellness centre.

    Reviewz9.0633 reviews
  • Theater Hotel Roermond
  • Hotel Purmerend


    Arrive as a guest and leave as a family member. Hotel Purmerend is a cosy and intimate hotel with a homely atmosphere and ambience. The hospitable staff will be happy to welcome you to the Beemsterpolder restaurant.

  • Hotel Ridderkerk
  • Hotel Saint-Aygulf - Côte d'Azur
  • Hotel Sassenheim
  • Hotel Schiphol


    Hotel Schiphol A4 is located on the east side of the A4 motorway, close to Schiphol Airport. You can relax in the swimming pool, the wellness centre and the fully equipped gym. Furthermore, you can make use of the shuttle service to and from Schiphol Airport.

    Reviewz8.74764 reviews
  • Golfhotel Landhaus Serrahn
  • Hotel Sneek


    Hotel Sneek is in beautiful Friesland. With 9 conference rooms, a charming restaurant and many activities in the immediate surroundings, Hotel Sneek is the ideal location for both business appointments and mini holidays.

    Reviewz8.82980 reviews
  • Hotel Spier-Dwingeloo


    Hotel Spier-Dwingeloo has 110 luxurious hotel rooms and 4 function rooms. It is situated in Dwingelderveld National Park: a wonderful place to enjoy nature. The hotel also has a wonderful wellness centre.

    Reviewz8.92949 reviews
  • Landhotel Spornitz
  • Hotel Stein-Urmond
  • Kasteel TerWorm


    Castle TerWorm is an exclusive castle hotel where you can relax like a prince. Relax and dream to your heart’s content in one of the 40 luxurious rooms and royal suites. Moreover, the 'Royal' restaurant has one of the best terraces in the Netherlands.

    Reviewz9.11133 reviews
  • Hotel Tiel
  • Hotel Tilburg


    With 150 luxurious guest rooms, 10 multifunctional rooms and a modern restaurant, Hotel Tilburg is the ideal base for both business and leisure guests. You will also find a modern fitness centre and a lovely indoor swimming pool.

    Reviewz9.21147 reviews
  • Hotel Uden-Veghel
  • Hotel Utrecht


    Hotel Utrecht is located on the edge of the bustling city of Utrecht, directly on the A12 motorway. With 185 luxurious hotel rooms, 23 modern conference rooms, a swimming pool and a sky lounge, it is the conference and meeting location of choice in Utrecht.

    Reviewz8.92882 reviews
  • Hotel Veenendaal
  • Hotel Venlo
  • Hotel Verviers
  • Hotel Vianen - Utrecht


    Hotel Vianen is situated on the A2 motorway near the A27 and A12 motorways. Within 15 minutes, you can reach the Jaarbeurs and Utrecht-Centre. Enjoy extensive facilities, such as the indoor swimming pool and wellness and fitness centre.

    Reviewz9.02778 reviews
  • Hotel Volendam
  • Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch-Vught
  • Hotel Groningen-Westerbroek


    Hotel Groningen-Westerbroek is situated near the A7 and A28. Within 15 minutes, you can reach Groningen-Centre. The hotel has 78 rooms and 2 suites. In the Falcon bar, you can enjoy a drink.

    Reviewz8.92911 reviews
  • Hotel Wieringermeer


    Hotel Wieringermeer is located directly on the A7, 40 minutes from Amsterdam. The hotel has 48 rooms and suites, an intimate restaurant, a cosy hotel bar and several multifunctional rooms for all your meetings.

    Reviewz8.6717 reviews
  • Hotel Hilversum - de Witte Bergen
  • Hotel Wolvega - Heerenveen


    Hotel Wolvega-Heerenveen is in beautiful Friesland. Stay in one of the 105 spacious rooms and suites. Enjoy a drink on the waterside terrace or organise an event in one of the multifunctional rooms.

    Reviewz8.82443 reviews
  • Hotel Zaltbommel
  • Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek
  • Hotel Zwolle


    Stay in Hotel Zwolle and venture out into the bustling city. With no less than 175 luxurious rooms and suites, 17 meeting rooms and a modern wellness centre, including a fitness centre, this is the perfect place for your mini holiday.

    Reviewz9.05842 reviews